Our investments are designed to be very long term. We feel it is important in agriculture to allow entities to grow over time, with decision making based on what is best for the company, not a short term transaction. 

Arable Capital Partners

our approach

Access to Capital

Local approach

We partner with investors that share our long term vision while also having significant assets to deploy.  This allows us to make large-scale investments, yet maintaining a family business culture with professional financial management.

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long term/permanent investment

We target companies in the western United States.  This is important for geographical proximity, relationships and local knowledge.

Businesses need vision. Our team has experience in real assets both as investors as well as hands-on operators.  Buying or investing in a company is only the first step in successful investing.  Excelling in operations is equally critical.  Arable can provide meaningful insight and guidance in building successful enterprises.


We believe agriculture investing is best approached by a local, entrepreneurial and experienced team that also has access to sufficient capital for large scale transactions